Post 16 Key Information

What jobs can students expect to find if they stay in the area?

Please take seven minutes of your time to find out what the main areas of employment are where we live, and what the main upcoming areas of employment are. It is important to consider what jobs are available where we live when choosing your Post 16 courses. Do you know if your qualification will lead to a job locally or will you have to move elsewhere in the country to find the job that best matches what you choose to study?

Click here to download a pdf of these slides.



Start Careers:

What is suitable for you?

Please take eight minutes of your time to find out about the choices that are going to be available to you once you leave Year 11. This video encourages you to aim high, outlines the types of course available to you and offers you advice on how to find the best fit for you.

Please take six minutes of your time to find out how to apply for courses. This section discusses college and sixth form open events, where to look on websites for application information and also mentions careers and advice sessions coming up this year.