Your questions - answered!

Thank you to everyone who has sent in questions about life at Six Villages! We hope we have been able to answer them all here.

We’re so glad you already think it’s amazing (we do too!) and we can’t wait to show you around properly!

Of course! One of our Core Values is to demonstrate kindness, so you can ask any of our students or staff if you need help finding your way around.

You can find out more information about bus routes to and from Six Villages on West Sussex County Council’s website.

Yes, you will need to bring everything that you need for your day’s lessons, including all your exercise books, and the basic equipment you will need every day.  You can put your belongings in your locker if you don’t want to carry them around with you.  (you can find a list of items on the Uniform page of the website).

Yes. These will be allocated in the first week of term (subject to payment of a £15 non-refundable fee via ParentPay).

You keep your drinks bottle with you in your bag throughout the day. You are allowed a water bottle out in class.

Yes, we will put siblings in the same community, unless you prefer not to be!

The Year 7 playground is next to the field.  There are also some bench tables around for you to use. There is always a member of staff on duty at break and lunchtime that you can speak to if you have a question. There is a netball court marked out and you can ask a member of the PE staff for a ball at lunchtime.  In dry weather, you can sit on the grass.

You will learn French and Spanish in Year 7.

We think so! There are lots of dishes to choose from every day, as well as a themed menu every month with additional options. Why not have a look at the sample menus on the School Meals page of the website to see if your favourite is there?! The Gate Café has specially priced weekly deals, such as freshly baked cookies, meal deals and grab ‘n’ go salad boxes. Look out for offers each week on posters around the campus, in tutor time or when you visit the canteen.

The standard limit for how much you can spend in the café is set at £5. If your parent/carer wants to you spend less or more than this amount, they can write to the school to set a different limit.

Yes you can. You keep this with you in your bag or locker and can eat it in the Gate Café seating areas or in the outdoor spaces.

Aprons are an optional piece of uniform if you prefer to have your own for practical lessons such as food technology or design technology lessons. We do have aprons available in school that you can use.

You will be given detailed homework information when you join us in September, but it is usually one piece of homework per week for core subjects (English, Maths and Science) which should take between 30 minutes and 1 hour to complete. For all other subjects you should spend 30 minutes per week. This may be a weekly task, or a longer project which takes several weeks to complete.

Music practice should be completed daily and you are expected to read for at least 30 minutes each day.

You can see this year’s homework information here to give you an idea of what is expected.

You will be with your friends in your tutor group for all lessons in Year 7.

We uphold high expectations and standards with our uniform, however in some circumstances we lend out donated, pre-loved uniform to prevent any barriers to learning.

Our uniform policy specifies the following socks for PE:
Navy blue OSVA branded games socks/white tennis (or ankle) socks (non-specific)

We run all kinds of exciting and educational day and residential trips in the UK and beyond. Examples include the WW1 Battlefields of France and Belgium, skiing in Italy, sailing on the Isle of Wight, museum trips, performances and concerts both locally and in London as well as outdoor educational experiences and county and national sporting events.

Yes they do. Miss Hull is our lead teacher for Enrichment and every half term she publishes an updated list of clubs for you to choose from. This year she has also supported students by offering lots of virtual opportunities to get involved in, such as national competitions, volunteering and community-based activities.

Our enrichment clubs change each term so look out for opportunities when you start in September!

Our enrichment clubs change each term so look out for opportunities in drama when you start in September! Speak to our drama teacher, Ms Molineaux-Inglis, to find out more.

Not at the moment, but we are always open to suggestions!

No. The nearest swimming pools to Six Villages are in Felpham, Chichester or Littlehampton, where you can find out information about private lessons.

Yes we do. The PE department organise year-round sporting fixtures with other schools and we also take part in larger events such as the annual Mountbatten athletics challenge.

You can take private piano lessons as a Masterclass whether you are a beginner or advanced pianist.

We also offer private lessons on other instruments such as drum kit and guitar, and every Year 7 student also gets to learn the violin for one term in their music curriculum lessons. You can find all the information, including prices for private tuition, on the website under Music Tuition or speak to our Head of Arts, Mr Munt when you start in September.

Your timetable will show you when all of your lessons will be.

Depending on your timetable they are either 1 hour, or a double which will be 2 hours.

Not at the moment, but we are always open to suggestions!

Your teacher will tell you when you need to bring ingredients in for practical lessons. We have all the cooking equipment you will need to make lots of different dishes!

It depends on what you are making – sometimes you cook on your own, sometimes in a small group.

You do (unless you eat it on the way home!).

Our drama teacher, Ms Molineaux-Inglis, will announce details of any productions that are planned in plenty of time for you to get involved.

Yes, we do. Woody (our therapy dog) started as a member of school staff in January 2022.   


We’re excited too – we can’t wait to meet you all!