Welcome from our Principal

As Principal, I feel privileged to be leading a highly motivated, skilled and ambitious team of teaching and associate staff.

Six Villages is a rapidly improving academy which provides students with a safe, positive environment to explore, learn, investigate and develop into confident young adults who are ready to enter an ever changing and competitive world.

Every student at Six Villages will receive the very best educational experience; learning should be enjoyable, interesting and relevant to our modern technological age. Every student has the opportunity to excel, both in academic and personal development. Teaching is more than a classroom education; it is about developing responsible, valuable adults and a privilege to bestow.

The size of the academy allows us to know each individual student and their family, and to build close working relationships. I encourage parents and carers to actively participate in academy life by joining the Parents’ Forum and Friends of Six Villages parent group which will positively impact opportunities for students inside and outside the classroom.

I expect our students to take great pride in Six Villages, and share our high expectations of uniform, conduct and engagement with their education. We value each individual; it is essential that each person within the academy is tolerant, accepting and respectful.

We recognise excellence for all because there is excellence in all.

I look forward to meeting you.

Paul Slaughter, Principal