Travelling to the academy

You may decide to travel to and from the academy by walking, being driven, cycling by bus, or train. However you arrive at the academy, there are some things you need to consider.

If you are walking, make sure you know the route and how long this will take you, to ensure you arrive on time. In the winter months make sure you plan your route so you are on well-lit paths and wear a brighter or reflective jacket so you can be easily seen.

If you are being driven to the academy, practise this route, making a note of how long it takes you.  We would suggest you allow some extra time for your journey for extra school traffic especially on rainy days.  Also consider being dropped off and collected outside of the academy grounds as the car park is often very congested at the start and end of the day with the school buses coming into the academy.

If you decide to cycle to the academy, make sure your bike is road worthy and you must always wear a cycle helmet.  You also need to ensure that you fill out section 15 on the enrolment form. You will need to bring your own bike padlock and can safely lock your bike in our bike shed area which is opened at the beginning and end of every day but locked whilst you are in lessons.

If you wish to catch a bus to the academy you can check to see if you are eligible and apply for your bus pass directly from West Sussex County Council.  We do not have any involvement with issuing bus passes, this is all organised by West Sussex County Council.

Bus routes serving the academy can also be found on West Sussex County Council’s website.

If you wish to catch a train to Barnham (our nearest train station) you can check to see if you are eligible and apply for a 16-25 Railcard (also known as the Student Railcard or Young Persons Railcard) to help save money on train tickets. Find info more here 16-25 Railcard