Uniform and equipment

We are looking forward to you wearing your new and very smart Six Villages Academy uniform. (Please see our uniform page here)

You will need to bring:

  • Your lunch and a bottle of water
  • A snack for break time
  • Your school bag
  • Your pencil case with pens, pencils, whiteboard pen

(You are welcome to bring a mobile phone but please remember this needs to be switched off and you cannot use it during the school day.)

Timings of the day

8am-8.20am  Arrive and registration  
8.20am  Welcome from Mr Slaughter and Ms Barber  
10.40-11am  Lesson & Activities  
10.40-11am  BREAK TIME  
11am-1pmLesson & Activities  
1pm – 1.40pm  LUNCH TIME  
1.40-2.40pm  Lesson & Activities  
2.40pm  End of your day.  

Finding your way around

Please do not worry about getting lost on your first day, you will be given a tour.  There will be a learning support assistant who will stay with your tutor group and will show you around.

If you are ever unsure, of where you need to be, just ask someone – the older students are always happy to show you to your classroom.

Take a virtual tour!

Choose an image to go straight to a classroom or area to explore.