KS4 Results

Year 11 students at Ormiston Six Villages Academy are reaping the rewards of their commitment to their studies today collecting exam results which show a record number of top grades and high performances obtained across all subject areas.

Today’s results show a significant rise across measures, and a rise of 11% on pre-pandemic results. There is particular success in top grades, with 41% of students achieving at least one top grade and some students achieving a fantastic full set of top grades.

Alongside the continued success of the academy, which is sponsored by Ormiston Academies Trust (OAT), there are some particular individual highlights:

· Josiah C successfully achieved grade 9 in English language, Maths, Double Science, History, Spanish and PE, Distinction* in Music and grade 8 in English literature and Further Maths.

· Alongside the commitments of his role as Deputy Head Boy, Harvey achieved 9 in English Language, English Literature, Maths, Biology, Chemistry, Physics and History. He also achieved Distinction* in Performing Arts and 8 in Spanish and Further Maths.

· Jack D (one Distinction*, two 8s, two 7s, three 6s, one 5 and one 4) contributed immensely to the Student Council at Six Villages. In Year 11, Jack became the National Student Voice Chair and hosted the annual OAT National Conference where he represented over 30,000 students across 43 OAT academies.

Other top grade achievers include Isobel R (one 9, five 8s, two 7s, one 6 and one 5 in Further Maths), Mason N (one 9, six 8s, two 7s and a 6 in Further Maths), Frankie T (two 9s, four 8s, one 7, one Merit and one 6), Charlie E (one 9, three 8s, three 7s, two 6s), Marek D (one Distinction*, four 8s, five 7s), William S (three 8s, three 7s, two 6s, one Merit), Immi R (four 8s, two 7s, four 6s, one 4) and Isaac L (one Distinction*, one Distinction, two 8s, three 7s, three 6s). Making fantastic progress from their starting point includes Tamanna R, Jack R, Katharine H and Jennifer W.

This follows an excellent year for the academy, which was again rated ‘Good’ by Ofsted inspectors in November 2022 and commended for going “from strength to strength”.

“It is a privilege to be celebrating with our students today as they receive their exam results. I could not be prouder of this cohort and their achievements as a whole. This cohort established our first ever Well-being Ambassador group following the pandemic and obtained the Eco Schools Green Flag Award.”

“I would like to congratulate all of our students who have achieved these results through hard work and dedication to their studies. I would also like to thank our dedicated staff, the governing body, parents and carers who have provided unfailing support. It is our academy’s absolute priority to ensure that every student fulfils their potential and we are therefore delighted to see a strong rise in GCSE results and in the number of students achieving top grades (7s, 8, 9s, D, D*).”

“Students deserve great credit for these results which reflect their determination to succeed. I am delighted that they will be moving on to their chosen pathways and wish them every success in the future. Well done, Class of 2023!”

Paul Slaughter, Principal

Ormiston Six Villages Academy is bursting with pride today, celebrating phenomenal results with the Class of 2022. This cohort, which has been the most affected by the pandemic, have shown great determination and commitment to their studies throughout their GCSE and vocational courses and have not only collectively exceeded the results of 2019, the last externally examined year, but have achieved top grades in all subjects, academy-wide. Unprecedented progress levels individually have been achieved also, with 30% of students achieving one or more top grades (7+) and many achieving top grades in all their subjects.

Among the many high fliers, individual successes include:

  • Sky Chu (3 9s, D*, 3 8s, D, 2 7s)
  • Luke Sari (3 9s, D*, 3 8s, 1 7, 2 6s)
  • Alistair Hart (7 8s, D, 2 7s)
  • Nikole Feoktistova (3 8s, 5 7s, 3 6s)
  • Ariyan Sekhon (D*, 2 8s, D, 3 7s, 2 6s)
  • Alfie Illingworth (2 8s, D, 4 7s, 2 6s)
  • Isaac Brady (3 8s, D, 3 7s, 3 6s)
  • Ronnie (2 D*, 5 7s, 2 6s, M)
  • Martyna Brodowska (28s, 5 7s, 3 6s)

“Following two very challenging years, not only in terms of the academic rigour of their courses but also in the light of the extraordinary experience students have worked through over the last two and a half years with two extended periods of home learning, I am incredibly proud of the achievements of this cohort, and of the maturity and resilience students have shown.

“The credit for today’s results lies with the students, supported by their caring families, excellent teaching and a devoted school staff. I am delighted that results show successes not only across all traditional academic subjects but also vocational subjects.

Our academy community are very proud of this cohort and would like to congratulate all our students; as a school staff it has been a pleasure to work with them, watch them develop into responsible community-minded young adults who represent our core values and we look forward to hearing about their successes in years to come.”

Paul Slaughter, Principal

Ormiston Six Villages Academy celebrates the achievements of its GCSE students, who have successfully navigated through a challenging and unpredictable 18 months due to the Covid-19 pandemic and attained a wide array of excellent results.  

Students at the academy, sponsored by Ormiston Academies Trust (OAT), have shown an intense commitment to their studies throughout, continuing to make exceptional progress and achieving high levels of success across all academic and vocational subjects.

The academy’s talented Year 11s have applied for a range of courses through which they will continue their education. These include the more traditional A levels, through to apprenticeships and vocational courses in architectural design, engineering, veterinary care, musical theatre, and photography. The academy would also like to extend a special mention to Finlay Glasspool, who will be undertaking a 2-year boarding course at Sparsholt College in Game and Wildlife Management.

Individual successes include:

  • Isobel Nichols (3 9s, 2 D*, 5 8s and 1 7) 
  • Alice Feest (1 9, 1 D*, 5 8s, 3 7s and 1 P) 
  • James Scragg (2 D*, 3 8s,1 Ds, 2 7s and 3 6s) 
  • Liam Richards (1 9, 2 D*, 2 8s, 1 Ds, 1 7 and 4 6s) 
  • Anhelina Soichuk (1 9, 2 8s, 2 Ds, 5 7s, 1 6 and 1 5)  
  • Eva Chapman (2 D*s, 2 8s, 4 7s, 2 6s and 1 P) 

This year, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the Government decided that students’ grades would be determined by teachers, based on work students produced throughout their course. These grades were then moderated and assessed by external exam boards which awarded the final grades. 

“I wish to pay tribute to the extraordinary resilience, dedication and effort of our students. I could not be more impressed with the results of the Class of 2021 and the aspirations they have developed during their time at Six Villages. They richly deserve their successes today. “I am also indebted to my staff for their extraordinary commitment and tireless hard work for the good of the students.

“Everyone at the academy wishes our outgoing Year 11 cohort all the best and we are excited to see what the future holds for the alumni of Ormiston Six Villages Academy.”

Paul Slaughter, Principal

Six Villages students and staff celebrated as the Class of 2020 collected their long-awaited examination results. These results were a reflection of the hard work and dedication of students to their studies over the past several years and the school is very proud of their achievements. 

The majority of courses involved the new 9-1 GCSEs with their increased content. The top ten achieving students were Caleb Cossar, Nicole Torralba, Max Wiltshire, Eloise Austin, Olivia Sherlock, Eloise Horton, Blake Shearer, Eleanor Apps, Emily Sherrington and Kat Somner.

Amongst the highest achievers in the cohort were: 

  • Caleb Cossar achieved 5 grade 9s in Chemistry, Physics, Geography, Music and PE and 5 grade 8s in English Literature, English Language, Maths, Biology and French.
  • Nicole Torralba achieved a grade 9 in Maths, 1 distinction star, 4 grade 8s and 4 grade 7s.

There are examples of outstanding performances in a number of subjects including English Language, English Literature, Maths, Chemistry, Physics, Geography, Music and PE where students achieved grade 9s.

The talented Year 11s have applied for a range of courses, from more traditional A levels to apprenticeships or vocational courses in architectural design, engineering, veterinary care, theatrical lighting and photography. Notably, Jamie Baker aims to embark on a Creative Blacksmithery course, Owen Spicer is looking forward to an apprenticeship at Worthing FC and Max Wiltshire has earned a coveted rugby scholarship at Seaford College. The school wishes the outgoing Year 11 cohort all the best and will be inviting them back to talk to younger students about life at college and beyond.

“I am immensely proud of our Year 11 students and wish them continued success as they progress to the next stage of their education. Achieving well at GCSE, especially in the core subjects of maths and English, is so important to students’ future progress. Our teachers set high expectations of all our students and they are consistently supported to achieve the best possible grades. There are so many excellent individual performances to celebrate. Most noticeable is that students of all abilities made highly impressive progress from their respective starting points.” 

“At Six Villages, we offer many opportunities and these students have made the most of the opportunities offered to them. I would like to extend my thanks to our parent body for their unfailing support, which in partnership with the tireless work of our dedicated staff and the commitment of our students has resulted in today’s phenomenal outcomes.

“This cohort was a joy to work with, enthusiastic and eager to learn. They not only showed sustained commitment to their studies, they were supportive of their peers and positive role models for our younger students. Year 11 were the epitome of our core values of ambition, respect, perseverance, taking responsibility and demonstrating kindness which fall under the umbrella of our ‘Excellence for All’ ethos and we wish them every success in the future.” 

Mr P Slaughter, Principal