The aim of the Music department is to engage and inspire students to develop their talent as musicians. The curriculum is designed to increase self- confidence, creativity and a sense of achievement through practical tasks for all students. Through both curriculum time and enrichment opportunities students will experience the best of what has been composed, performed and produced across a range of styles and cultures.

Year 7 curriculum – instrumental tuition

As part of their curriculum lessons Ormiston Six Villages run a unique music programme for our students. All Year 7 students are provided with, and learn how to play the violin during one term of Year 7. This program enables students to focus on the basics of one instrument, learn how to look after this, understand and follow some basic notation, and learn pieces and perform regularly as part of a class group. Students who wish to continue after the initial term are able to continue, as part of a smaller group through enrichment free of charge.  

All Years – instrumental tuition

To complement the academy Year 7 music programme, instrumental tuition is also available on Electric & Acoustic Guitar, Bass Guitar, Drum Kit, Keyboard and Piano.

For further information on fees and how to apply please click Music Tuition.

All Years – Music enrichment

Extra-curricular music enrichment activities are available to all students without the requirement to undertake instrumental lessons. These include a Guitar club, Ukulele club, a vocal ensemble—Voices Together, a Djembe Drumming ensemble, and a Samba/Steel pans group. These activities are all free and there is no requirement to read music or audition. Anyone interested in joining is more than welcome to attend.