Your First Day

On Monday 5 September you will be able to register at the front of the academy from 8.00am, however your day will not start until 8.20am.

You will find a desk clearly labelled with your tutor group and you will sign in, say goodbye to mum or dad and head into our Gate Theatre. Your tutors will be inside ready to welcome you.

Mr Slaughter and Mrs Gavin will welcome you into the academy and your first day with us will begin. Your day will consist of activities where you will get to know everyone in your tutor group, find your way around the academy and you will get to experience a couple of lessons.

At the end of the day, your form tutor will bring you back to the Gate Theatre and you will be able to go home from 2.40pm

Timings of the day






1pm - 1.40pm



Arrive and registration

Welcome from Mr Slaughter and Mrs Gavin.

Lesson & Activities


Lesson & Activities


Lesson & Activities

End of your day.

Finding your way around

Please do not worry about getting lost on your first day, you will be given a tour and your teachers will show you around. If you are ever unsure, of where you need to be, just ask someone - the older students are always happy to show you to your classroom.