Six Villages’ current published admission number is 150 per year. Applications open in September and close on 31 October each year.

Our Admissions Policy gives details of how places are allocated to students wishing to attend Six Villages as well as our oversubscription criteria.

Admission to the academy is handled by West Sussex County Council. The deadlines for applications are published on their website.

How to apply

If your child is currently in Year 6, you should apply to West Sussex County Council at the Worthing (South) Pupil Admissions Office. Full guidance and information about the admissions procedure can be found here.

West Sussex County Council Admissions

If you have moved into the area and would like your child to join the Six Villages community, then please do contact the academy to arrange a visit. Guidance on the application process for in-year admissions can be found on West Sussex County Council’s website under Moving School.