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This term has seen the launch of our school blog run by the newly formed OSVA Blogging Society!

What is the OSVA Insider?

Accessed via the main school website, the OSVA Insider is the 21st century equivalent to a school newspaper where students have the chance to share their voice and views on whatever they want to talk about. Emphasising the community of OSVA, this safe and inclusive space is a great opportunity to talk about topical issues, to share news and ideas and to get your voice heard. We always welcome new submissions and meet weekly on a Thursday after school in the library. Come on in!

Who are we?

The Osva Blogging society is a group of students who have a shared passion for writing and spreading the word. Set up and run by Mrs. Pegram from English this society offers ambitious students an opportunity to join our community of budding writers, researchers, and interviewers. No topic is off limits! 

Want to get involved?

Perhaps you have ambitions to work in the media, become a writer or even a researcher; or maybe you just want to share your opinion on the issues that matter most to you? Whatever your motive, we open our doors to you. Even if you can't join us on a Thursday after school, you can come and see Mrs. Pegram in English 1 or email [email protected] with any ideas or submissions you have.