Music tuition

Ormiston Six Villages Academy is pleased to offer instrumental lessons on a variety of instruments. Playing a musical instrument can bring a lifetime of enjoyment and many of our students learn so that they can play in a group, band or orchestra with others; indeed, we see a benefit across the curriculum to students who receive lessons.

To complement the academy Year 7 music programme, instrumental tuition is also available on Electric & Acoustic Guitar, Bass Guitar, Drum Kit, Keyboard and Piano. Piano is only available as a Masterclass lesson and places are limited.

Group lessons are taken by teachers who come in one day per week. The students are timetabled at different times each week so that they do not miss the same lesson. Students showing particular aptitude for their chosen instrument may be considered for Masterclass lessons—individual lessons of 30 minutes duration. An offer for individual lessons will be agreed between Mr Munt and the individual instrumental tutors and will be based on current progress and attitude to private practice outside lessons. Parents will be notified of this offer and associated tuition fees in advance.

  1. a) £76 per term for 10 Group lessons (3-4 students) of 30 minutes duration each. Groups of only 2 students will receive a 20 minute lesson.
    b) £157 per term for 10 Masterclass lessons (single student lesson) of 30 minutes each.
    All students taking a Masterclass lesson are expected to participate in at least one musical enrichment activity. These usually run on a weekly basis.
  2. Fees for each term must be paid in advance to guarantee a place on the new timetable.
  3. We regret lessons missed through a student’s non-attendance cannot be made up as the teacher is still paid for their time.
  4. Teachers will only enter students for any examination with the consent of the parent/carer.
  5. Students in receipt of Free School Meals/Pupil Premium may be entitled to receive lessons on one instrument at a subsidised rate. Please contact the academy for further details on how to apply.
  6. The academy reserves the right to charge a proportion of the cost of books lost or damaged by students and to ask for a contribution towards the cost of repair or replacement of property or equipment damaged by students.
  7. Taking instrumental lessons is an extra enrichment opportunity and is not a requirement for any qualification your child may undertake in Music at Ormiston Six Villages Academy.

If your child is interested in receiving instrumental lessons and/or participating in some or all of the extra-curricular activities available, please complete the form below. Our Finance department will issue an invoice on ParentPay for your child’s chosen instrument.

Music tuition application form

For further advice & guidance please contact:

Mr D Munt, Head of Arts
[email protected]

Extra-curricular music enrichment activities are available to all students without the requirement to undertake instrumental lessons. These include a Guitar club, Ukulele club, a vocal ensemble—Voices Together, a Djembe Drumming ensemble, and a Samba/Steel pans group. These activities are all free and there is no requirement to read music or audition. Anyone interested in joining is more than welcome to attend.