Y10 Drama Assessments - Blood Brothers

As part of the Y10 Performing Arts course, students have been rehearsing key scenes from the musical play 'Blood Brothers' by Willy Russell, which they recently performed to a supportive audience of students and staff.

The students had all chosen an area of specialism as either actors or designers. Students who chose acting were given roles to learn and designers were allocated to specific scenes. The job of the designer was to effectively use semiotics - lighting, sound, set, props, costume and make up - to add to the live performance. Each of the designers also worked to operate the lighting desk during the performance using a range of skills and gaining experience of technical theatre. 

The work was performed to our Y9 GCSE Drama students to allow them to see live theatre as well as share good practice. The Y9 students are currently studying 'Too Much Punch for Judy' by Mark Wheeler and were able to see how older students interpret and perform text work. Drama techniques such as freeze frames and split scenes were used as well as the skill of breaking the fourth wall - a technique created by the German dramatist Bertolt Brecht which is designed to 'break' the barrier between audience and actor. 


All of the students worked really hard on the day and showed some very good performance work. A special mention must be made for Miri Austin and Jess Bradshaw for their challenging and emotive portrayals of Mrs. Lyons and Edward. Exceptional performances were also given by both Tom Vine and Issy Adams, whose portrayals of Mickey and Linda then Mickey and Edward respectively were outstanding. Their characterisation and the power of their scenes showed a depth of understanding of the text and allowed us to become immersed in the magic of Willy Russell.

Finally thank you to all of our wonderful parents and carers who have spent countless hours supporting students and rehearsing for the work. Thanks also to Mrs Collingridge for making costumes for the students and to Mr Munt, Mr Tranter and Mrs Clayton for their support. 

Ms E Molineaux-Inglis, Drama
Posted 10 November 2016


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