The Six Villages Pi Challenge, 18 October 2016

Our Head of Maths, Mr Campbell, has thrown down the gauntlet to students this week with the Six Villages Pi Challenge!

Launched this morning, he has challenged every student in the school to test their memory, by memorising and recalling as many digits of Pi as possible. 

There will be chances for all students to show their skills in tutor time, in community assemblies and to the whole school; earning achievement points for themselves and their community, as well as being in with a chance to win some great prizes!

Here is Pi to the first 1,000 decimal places! Rajveer Meena from India is the person who has memorised the most decimal places - a staggering 70,000 of them! Can our students get anywhere close?!

Download Mr Campbell's presentation for memory tips and suggestions to help you - good luck!

Mrs T Clayton, Marketing & Communications
Posted 18 October 2016


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