Summer Reading

Students have been given a booklet of summer reading to work through over the holidays.

Categorised by year group, each booklet contains a collection of articles which link to a subject, theme or topic they will be studying during the Autumn term.  Students will be expected to come back to school in September having read the articles, and be ready to discuss and reflect on each piece of reading during the first lessons back.

The booklets can also be downloaded below:

Summer Reading - Year 7 into Year 8

Summer Reading - Year 8 into Year 9

Summer Reading - Year 9 into Year 10

Summer Reading - Year 10 into Year 11

Mr C Marsh, Head of Humanities
Posted 21 July 2017

Our Communities

On entering the Academy, students become a member of one of three Communities. Belonging to a Community creates a cohesive and friendly environment that helps students feel a sense of belonging