Primary Links: Science day for KS2 pupils from local primaries

Primary pupils make ‘fireworks’ and turn pennies to 'gold' with our Head of Science, Mr Taylor and students from Y10

We were delighted to welcome Year 5 & 6 pupils from local primary schools Barnham, Eastergate, Walberton  & Binsted and Aldingbourne to our science lab on Tuesday 21 March.

The aim of the session was to engage, enthuse and excite the imaginations of students regarding the scientific world around them and allow them to engage in high level science in a real science laboratory.

In the first session the pupils studied how acids react with metals and made very loud squeaky pop noises using hydrogen gas produced from a reaction of Hydrochloric acid and Magnesium metal. Pupils then had the opportunity to light magnesium to see the effect it had when ignited and we related this to the use of magnesium in fireworks.

In session two, they tested everyday acids and alkalis in an open exploring environment where students were told little to nothing about the practical; they had to use their scientific skills and pre-learnt knowledge to find out the pH of everyday items.

In session three the students linked everything together. They added zinc metal to sodium hydroxide and heated this gently. They plated copper coins with zinc which turned silver, then when zinc was oxidised in the air and heated using the Bunsen burner it turned a gold colour.

Students made notes on each section and were very excited to take what they had learnt back to their primary schools to share their experience.

Our primary visitors really enjoyed the science workshops - thanks to Y10's Ella Stead, Joe Rickman, Lauren Bramley, Tommy Galpin & Juliette  Feast for inspiring the next generation of scientists!

You can see more pictures, and a video of some of the experiments, in our galleries below:


Mrs T Clayton, Marketing & Communications
Posted 4 April 2017


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