PiXLit app for English Literature revision

Y11 students have been given access to a new revision aid - PiXLit - to help with revision for English Literature.

The PiXLit app contains 16 texts and a range of different activities to help strengthen the knowledge of those texts. The activities revolve around gaining a deeper understanding of quotations through testing memory recall of the quotes, reciting who said the quote or who the quote was about, events and happenings and literature terminology. 

Click here for more information on how to download the app (IOS/Android) or a link to to the desktop version.

Students have been given log-in details - if students have queries about log-ins or how to use the app, please see a member of the English department.

A link to this information can also be found on the website in the Student Zone>Learning & Revision.

Mrs T Clayton, Marketing & Communications
Posted 11 May 2017

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