Our Communities - creating a sense of belonging


Head of Goodwood - Staff

Mrs N Hurshouse, Associate Assistant Principal/Head of English

Email: nhe@ormistonsixvillages.org.uk

Tel: 01243 546840

Head of Goodwood - Students

Alex C and Holly Thompson

Nominated charity


Head of Wiston - Staff

Mr D Munt, Associate Assistant Principal

Email: dmt@ormistonsixvillages.org.uk

Tel: 01243 546865

Head of Wiston - Student

Cameron Thomas

Nominated charity


Head of Petworth - Staff

Mr C Marsh, Associate Assistant Principal / Head of Humanities

Email: cmh@ormistonsixvillages.org.uk

Tel: 01243 546800 x 2806

Head of Petworth - Students

Pacey Baker and Elliott Baker

Nominated charity