Mission Statement - Working Parties

As we commence our calendar year, please take a moment to read our Mission Statement here

“We nurture every student to be leaders of tomorrow”

Our students are the heart of our Academy. Their views are essential to make our outstanding community even better and bring our Mission Statement to life. As part of a range of new initiatives for 2017, we are delighted to announce the formation of working parties to look at various elements of Academy life.

Students have been invited to get involved with the following:


“Students will wear the Six Villages uniform with pride”

We will be conducting a review of the Uniform and Dress Code. Students interested in being part of a focus group to discuss the current policy and changes have been invited to contact Miss Costello. May we take this opportunity to remind students that hoodies are not allowed at any time on the school site.


“Each student will model excellent behaviour at all times”

“There will be no excuses for poor behaviour”

Students who would like to be involved in creating a learning environment free from disruption enabling all students to flourish and excel academically have been invited to contact Mr Ender or Ms Molineaux-Inglis.


“Every member of the community will be valued, respected and celebrated”

Most importantly we want to recognise and reward the incredible things that students do every day.

Students who want to be involved in developing the Six Villages rewards system have been invited to contact Miss Dart or Mrs Parry.


Students have been invited to join a working party to explore how we can we make the most of what will no doubt be an inspiring and enlightening day.

We will report on the progress of each new initiative in future communications.

Ms U Sharif, Principal
Posted 25 January 2017


Our Communities

On entering the Academy, students become a member of one of three Communities. Belonging to a Community creates a cohesive and friendly environment that helps students feel a sense of belonging