Exploring cell structures with Miss Kerrigan

Students working in Miss Kerrigan’s Science room have got off to a flying start with their learning through interactive displays which connect students, through the use of QR codes, to resources on the internet.

Miss Kerrigan has set up an interactive display on the work of prominent scientists  (pictured above) and is now putting together a board to tie in with the first topic that Y7 students have studied in biology - cell structures.

The video below shows how easy it is for students to access this extra learning:

For their assessment on cell structures, they were asked to make a model, picture, cake or pizza to show the different parts of a cell. There were some really innovative and creative models, made of polystyrene, papier maché, tissue paper, wax, clay Lego and even silicone as well as some delicious food on display! Olives, sweets and peppercorns adorned cakes, flapjacks, icing and pizza bases to illustrate, amongst others, the nucleus, mitochondria, vacuoles, cytoplasm and chloroplasts.

Olivia told me, “I have really enjoyed making this as it makes it easier to understand all the different parts of a cell.”

You can view a gallery of the students' creations below:

Mrs T Clayton, Marketing & Communications
Posted 28 September 2016

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