Excitement and new beginnings on the first day of term

The first day of the academic year produced an atmosphere of excitement and new beginnings, as our new Year 7 students began their learning journey with us, and we welcomed back our students now in years 8-11.

I caught up with a few Year 7 students at break to find out what they were looking forward to the most:

"It's been more fun than I expected. I was really excited - I was bouncing! I'm looking forward to writing, art and PE. I was a School Ambassador at my primary school and am interested in working on the student newspaper." - Georgie Green

"I'm really excited about Art. I'm just really excited!" - Annabel Williams

"I love maths - it's my favourite thing in the world." - Nicky Stubbs

"I'm really looking forward to food technology." - Kayla Ruston


"I can't wait to do science!" - Daniels Zapolskis

"... and tennis!" - Jamie James

After break, Ms Sharif, Mrs Sheldrake and Mr Noye led a whole school assembly on the theme of Community Building. Ms Sharif welcomed new students and staff, before sharing the success of this year's huge leap in GCSE results, with 56% of all students achieving at least 5 A*-C grades including English & Maths.

It was however, not only a celebration of our highest achievers, as Mrs Sheldrake went on to commend the efforts of three students who overcame issues and obstacles to learning that were hindering their achievements at the start of Year 10.

Mrs Sheldrake said, "... despite finding things hard, these students chose to ask for help and decided to work with their teachers, take the support offered to them and knuckle down to their learning. The choices they made paid off, with each of them improving their grades to gain 7 or more GCSEs at A*-C and go on to their preferred choice of post-16 education. When you're feeling like you can't; remember there is no such word - you are in a school where we will get you to where you want to be."

Ms Sharif then presented two students with certificates recognising successes out of the classroom: Fallon Weston for her contribution to the community through her volunteer work with the Westergate WI branch over the summer, and Imogen Thomas, who has been selected for the West Sussex County Youth Choir.

Mr Noye concluded with a motivational speech about the community that is Ormiston Six Villages Academy, leaving students with the inspiring message, "High standards are the key which unlocks the door to everything".

Mrs T Clayton, Marketing & Communications
Posted 7 September 2016





Our Communities

On entering the Academy, students become a member of one of three Communities. Belonging to a Community creates a cohesive and friendly environment that helps students feel a sense of belonging